October Releases!

Fashion Lifestyle Brand Executive Society Releases New Collections

Houston, TX, October 15, 2016 – This October, Executive Society, launches 2 new collections of high fashion bracelets — Fortitude and Ascendance. These 2 collections are inspired by the courage and persistence it takes to be an Executive.

The first bracelet collection, Fortitude, focuses on the Lion as a symbol of strength and solidity combined with exotic beaded Granite, Onyx, and Volcanic stones. In addition, it includes 1 unique bracelet adorned with the Jaguar, a symbol of agility, confidence, and focus. The second bracelet collection, Ascendance, launches Friday, October 21st,  2016. This collection includes Macrame style bracelets composed of solid Stainless Steel, giving a strong weight to each piece. This set of bracelets was inspired by the essence of luxury and high-fashion style.

“These pieces encourage us to move swiftly though life with valor and resilience.,” Giorgio Riccio, Executive Society Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said. “These collections were curated specifically as a reflection of the brand’s core values – Strength and Equilibrium. High quality semi-precious stone settings paired with unique designs make for an amazing display of luxury fashion.”

The recent surge in bracelet fashion, as a daily accessory, is attributed to numerous factors including celebrities, bloggers, and influencers sporting these high fashion bracelets. A growing number of influencers have been seen wearing Lion, Buddha, and Macrame bracelets like the ones curated by Executive Society. Matt Damon was recently photographed wearing this Macrame and beaded bracelet style on the cover of GQ.

“We want to encourage modern day entrepreneurship,” Riccio said. “This means redefining what it means to be a leader. We want to spread a simple message: Be generous to those who need it; as Executives it is our job to inspire, motivate, and lead others.”

For Executive Society, making a statement is nothing new. With almost 10,000 followers on Instagram, in their first 2 months alone, their products are being worn by many high profile bloggers and influencers. Their content has been reposted by many large Instagram street-wear and luxury-fashion accounts with 1,000,000+ followers.

Look for the release of their new bracelet collections the 3rd and 4th week of October.

About Executive Society:

Founded in 2016, Executive Society is a Houston & Los Angeles - based fashion lifestyle brand with a mission to inspire the modern entrepreneurial lifestyle. With years of experience in fashion and business, the Executive Society team pairs modern street-wear with high-class, luxury, fashion. For more information, please visit www.executivesociety.com.