Have faith in our brand?

Join our Brand Ambassador program and begin earning gift cards & commission on orders made by people you refer.

How it works:

  1. You share your referral link on your Instagram bio, website, YouTube videos, Facebook, Pinterest, emails, etc.
  2. Someone clicks your link and visits our site.
  3. If that person places an order, you get credit for the sale.
  4. We deposit all your commission money into your PayPal account once a week.


  1. 20% commission on all sales.
  2. Sell $50 worth of products get $15 gift card
  3. Sell $100 worth of products get $30 gift card
  4. Sell $200 worth of products get $50 gift card
  5. Access to exclusive Ambassador only promo codes.
  6. Early access to New Releases.
  7. Access to our Executive Ambassador Network.