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[Part 1/9] What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it progress or disillusion? Is it Purity or is it Corruption.

[Part 2/9] Personal reflection mirrors back the life you've created, including people you've interacted with and events which have unfolded. It’s the process of self-evaluating your thoughts and actions. Learning to look back.

[Part 3/9] We all have internal struggles. Once you feel you’ve over come one battle, another obstacle presents itself, placing you in a continual ebb and flow of personal strengthening.

[Part 4/9] To benefit from the symbolism of Reflection, let the image of light illuminating a room bring clarity to your thoughts so your mental mirror can reflect the surroundings and the life you have created for yourself. Know that, just like a real mirror, personal reflection can only reflect what is currently true.

[Part 5/9] Yet all is temporary. Powerful people understand that happiness is not a constant. Your perception of your word determines your mental clarity and resolve.

[Part 6/9] When you reflect upon the world you have created for yourself, is there happiness or is there pain? Do you express those emotions or suppress them?

[Part 7/9] Your purpose in life is to be better than you were yesterday. To compete with the perception of yourself and the goals you have set out. Continued self-improvement. 

[Part 8/9] How will you choose to change that which is currently true? It is well within your ability and responsibility to change your current mental, physical, and spiritual reflection when you see something that is not harmonious with what you truly aspire to be. 

[Part 9/9] Reflection shows us something that we would not otherwise be able to see. A perspective otherwise gone unnoticed. What will you choose to see? Who will you chose to become…