As humans, we communicate through symbolism. It's the one thing that connects everyone on the planet. Find the symbols that resonate within you and use them to propel you forward on your journey.



The Omega symbolizes the end of all things. All cycles must come to an end. Whether in your life, your work, your relationships, we all go through cycles. Some have good endings and some bad. The Omega symbol pushes us to look towards the future and not the past. It reminds us that the past is final and endings are justified.


The Lion symbolizes strength, courage, wisdom, leadership, and mastering your emotions. The lion also represents one's focus on self-control. The Lion symbol inspires us to strive for greatness and continuous improvement. Even the greatest leaders need guidance and motivation.



The Buddha symbolizes grace, balance, compassion, wisdom, and determination. The term Buddha literally means enlightened one, a knower. Its symbol encourages an atmosphere of well-being and calm.



The Jaguar symbolism conveys the power of intent. It is also a symbol of rebirth - change by destruction and transformation. Jaguars held enormous significance for ancient peoples as well as modern cultures. This symbol pushes us to focus on new beginnings and continuous self-growth.



The Skull symbolizes the celebration of life, vanity, and change. It's seen as a means of obtaining good luck, bravery, free-thinking, and life after death. The skull is one of man's oldest and most powerful symbols. Use the Skull symbol for empowerment in times of worry.